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"....One More Nice White Body" GLINTO, Darcy (Harold Kelly)

"BRIBIE - The Basket Maker" WELSBY, Thos.

"Ship-Bulding in Iron and Wood" and "Steam-Ships" MURRAY, Andrew & Robert respectively

"The Complete Angler 1676" with Charles Cotton: "Complete Angler" and Robert Venables "Experienced Angler" WALTON, Izaak

"Wanganui" CHAPPLE, L.J.B. & VEITCH, H.C.

'Big' Clarke Clarke, Michael

'Maritime Is Number Ten' BAFF, Flight Lieutenant K.C.

'The Best Fellows Anyone Could Wish To Meet ...' BOX, Allan (Editor)

100 Years of the Bureau of Meteorology DAY, David

150 Not Out 1858-2007 WOODING, Joe

1848 The British State and the Chartist Movement SAVILLE, John

1920 Review of the Australian Administration in Papua from 1907 to 1920 MURRAY, J.H.P., Lieutenant-Governor

3rd AUSTRALIAN INFANTRY BRIGADE - The War Diary of 3rd Australian Infantry Brigade CMF (later AIF) During World War II 8 December 1941 to 30 April1944 WINCH, Ronald T.

A Bibliography of Lucretius GORDON, Cosmo Alexander

A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England from the Conquest to the Present Time 1066-1870 FOSS, Edward.

A Brush With Horses SIMPSON, Alister

A Carp Water (Wood Pool) and How to Fish It. "BB"

A Catechism of The Motor Car KNIGHT, John Henry

A Century of Farmyard Relics in Australia Arnold, Ken

A Child's Garden of Verses STEVENSON, Robert Louis

A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers CRAWHALL, Joseph. (Editor)

A Contribution to The Flora of Australia WOOLLS, William, F.L.S.

A Dangerous Life TAYLOR, Chum (Written with Geoffrey Miller Q.C.)

A Defence of Women for Their Inconstancy & Their Paintings Made By Jack Donne & Printed Now Withy Five Decorations By Norman Lindsay and Published By the Fanfrolico Press London LINDSAY, Norman("Jack Donne")

A Descriptive History of the Steam Engine STUART, Robert

A Despised Race - The Vanishing Aboriginals of Australia GRIBBLE, The Rev. E.R..

A Despised Race - The Vanishing Aboriginals of Australia GRIBBLE, The Rev. E.R..

A Dictionary of the Motu Language of Papua LISTER-TURNER, Rev. R. and CLARK, Rev. J.B.

A Digest of the Stamp Laws, and Complete Stamp Table: HERAUD, J.A.

A Fighting Withdrawal - The Life of Dan Davin, Writer, Soldier, Publisher OVENDEN, Keith

A Fisherman's Creel SHARP, Arthur

A Fly on the Stream - Some Tips for Trout Fishermen TURNBULL, John

A Guide to Salmon Flies BUCKLAND, John, and OGLESBY, Arthur.

A Handbook of Ceramic Calculations with Many Problems HEATH, A.

A Handbook to the Game - Birds in Two Volumes OGILVIE-GRANT, W.R.

A Hanoverian-English Officer A Hundred Years Ago - Memoirs of Baron Ompteda, Colonel in King's German Legion, 26th November 1765, to 18th June 1815. OMPTEDA, Baron Christian Von

A History of British Birds (In Three Volumes) YARRELL, William, V.P.L.S. F.Z.S.

A History of British Birds - In Two Volumes BEWICK, Thomas

A History of British Birds - The Figures Engraved on Wood By T. Bewick (Two Volumes in One) BEWICK, Thomas

A History of British Birds, Revised and Brought Up To Date, With an Appendix of Recently Added Species and With Four Hundred Plates Specially Corrected for This Edition, and All Coloured By Hand, in Six Volumes MORRIS, Rev. F.O., B.A.

A History of British Butterflies MORRIS, The Rev. F.O. B.A.

A History of Shrewsbury - Vol II Only

A History of the Indian Mutiny - Reviewed and Illustrated From Original Documents FORREST, G.W., C.I.E.

A History of the Peninsular War Volume VIII HALL, John A.

A Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains , New South Wales, in the Year 1813, By Gregory Blaxland with References and Explanatory Notes, Maps Etc. WALKER, Frank

A Journey to Lake Taupo, and Australian and New Zealand Tales and Sketches RUSSELL, Percy

A Key to the Structure of the Aboriginal Language; &c. &c. THRELKELD, L.E.

A Letter from the South Seas By a Voyager on the 'Daedalus', 1792. EARNSHAW, John (Editor)

A Man on Edge - A Life of Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller KYNASTON, Edward

A Manual of Chemistry; Containing the Principal Facts of the Science, Arranged in the Order in Which They are Discussed and Illustrated in the Lectures at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. BRANDE, William Thomas

A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Road Making. HARGRAVE, Charles Townshend.

A Million Wild Acres Rolls, Eric

A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum SCOTT, H. H.

A Most Unusual Regiment - A History of the Melbourne University Regiment RYAN M.J.

A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands; with Remarks Upon the Natural History of the Islands, Origins, Languages, Traditions and Usages of the Inhabitants WILLIAMS, John

A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty; and The Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in The Ship's Boat, from Tofoa, One of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies (and Three others) BLIGH, Lieutenant William

A Navy for Australia EVANS, Alun

A New Treatise of Astronomy or Astronomy Opened : Being a Rational and Mathematic Enquiry into the Principles and Nature of Astronomy, or Frame of our Solar System. BAMFIELD, Samuel

A Poetical Introduction to the Study of Botany ROWDEN, Frances Arabella

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man JOYCE, James

A Practical Treatise on Coal. Petroleum, and Other Distilled Oils GESNER, Abraham

A Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England WHEATLY, Charles, M.A.

A Roving Commission PASCO, Commander Crawford R.N.

A Saddle at Bontharambo SAMUEL, H.J.

A Shred of Autobiography Jorgenson, Jorgen

A Simple Heart FLAUBERT, Gustave

A Sketch of Port Phillip - Being A Review of the Map of Australia Felix and Its Squatting Districts in 1847 ARDEN, George

A Sketch of the Natural History of Australia Aflalo, Frederick G.

A Small Town Is A World KOSSOFF, David

A Soldier's Tale JOSEPH, M.K.

A Sportsman Looks at Eire DROUGHT, Captain J.B.

A Synopsis of The Queensland Flora; Containing Both The Phaenogamous and Cryptogamous Plants BAILEY, Fredk. Manson F.L.S.

A Tale of Tahiti CLUNE, Frank

A Taste of the Hills SMEETON, Miles

A Treasury of Reels. The Fishing Reel Collection of the American Museum of Fly Fishing BROWN, Jim

A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls; in Which Their Importance is Considered and Plain Rules Are Exhibited For Ascertaining the Value of Both; Also The True Method of Manufacturing Diamonds JEFFRIES, David

A Treatise on Forest - Trees: BOUTCHER, William

A Treatise on the Law of Gold-Mining in Australia and New Zealand ARMSTRONG, Henry J.

A Vacation Tour At The Antipodes Through Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand in 1861-1862 HEYWOOD, B.A., M.A.

A Vacation Tour At The Antipodes Through Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand in 1861-1862 HEYWOOD, B.A., M.A.

A Visit to the South Seas in the U.S. Ship Vincennes During the Years 1829 and 1830; with Scenes in Brazil, Peru, Manilla, The Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. - in Two Volumes. STEWART, C.S.

A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam' - Our Home on the Ocean for 11 Months BRASSEY, Lady

A Voyage Round the World PARKER, Mary Anne

A Voyage Round the World and Visits to Various Foreign Countries in the United States Frigate Columbia Attended By Her Consort the Sloop of War John Adams, and Commanded By Commodore George C. Read - in Two Volumes TAYLOR, Fitch W. Chaplain to the Squadron

A Voyage Round The World From 1806 to 1812 in Which Japan, Kamschatka, The Aleutian Islands and The Sandwich Islands Were Visited, Etc Etc CAMPBELL, Archibald James

A Wedding of Cousins TENNANT, Emma

A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys HAWTHORNE Nathaniel

A Year in the New Hebrides, Loyalty Islands, and New Caledonia CAMPBELL, F.A..

A Yorkshireman Abroad or Under The Southern Cross 35000 Miles in Six Months. SMITH, E. J.

Across the Parallel - The Australian 77th Squadron with the United States Air Force in the Korean War ODGERS, George

Adam and the Adamite; or, The Harmony of Scripture and Ethnology. M'CAUSLAND, Dominick, Q.C., LL.D.

Administration, Organisation & Equipment Made Easy BANNING, LIEUT.COL. S.T.

Adolf Hitler PRICE, Billy F.

Advanced Instinctive Shooting and Bowhunting Asbell, G. Fred

Adventure SEELEY, Major-General The Rt. Hon. J.E.B.

Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844; With Some Account of the Beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands. - In Two Volumes WAKEFIELD, Edward Jerningham

Adventures in Angling - A Book of Salt Water Fishing HEILNER, Van Campen

Adventures of a Mounted Trooper BURROWS, William

Adventures of a Pioneer MORTON, William Lockhart

African Art WASSING, Rene S.

African Rifles and Cartridges Taylor, John (Pondoro)

Against the Sun - The AIF in Malaya, 1941-42 UHR, Janet

Ahlerich - The Making of a Dressage World Champion KLIMKE, Reiner

Alfreda Holme: A Story of Social Life in Australia BAYLY, Elisabeth Boyd

All About Cookery Beeton, Mrs. Isabella

All On The Never-Never - A Novel of the British Way of Life. LINDSAY, Jack

Alston's Patent Steel Windmills

America and Americans and Selected Non-Fiction STEINBECK, John

American & British 410 Shotguns Gabriel, Ronald S.

An Account of the English Colopny in New South Wales COLLINS, David

An Account of the Trial of Thomas Muir, Younger of Huntershill, Before the High Court of Justiciary, at Edinburgh on the 30th and 31st Days of August, 1793, for Seditious Practices.

An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order Of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and successfully performed by COMMODORE BYRON, CAPTAIN CARTERET, CAPTAIN WALLIS and CAPTAIN COOK, in the Dolphin, the Swallow a HAWKESWORTH, John

An Album of Monograms, Crests, Ribbons, Scrolls, and other Designs. Schmidt,Conrad William

An Album of Selected Views of Greater New York Reproduced From the Best and Latest Photographs

An American Merchant in Europe, Asia, and Australia: A Series of Letters from Java, Singapore, China, Bengal, Egypt, The Holy Land, The Crimea and Its Battle Grounds, England, Melbourne, Sydney, Etc. Etc. TRAIN, Geo. Francis

An Anthography of the Eucalypts GRIMWADE, Russell

An Australian Angler. An Autobiography TAYLOR, Harvey J.

An Australian language as spoken by the the Awabakal the people of Awaba on Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle N.S.W.) being an account of their language, traditions and customs: Threlkeld, L.E.

An Australian Parsonage; or, The Settler and the Savage in Western Australia. MILLETT, Mrs. Edward

An Author Bites the Dust UPFIELD, ARTHUR

An Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering, Historical, Theoretical, and Practical CRESY, Edward

An Englishman's Travels in America: His Observations of Life and Manners in the Free and Slave States. BENWELL, J.

An Ensign in the Peninsular War THOMPSON, W.F.K. (Editor)

An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding - In Four Books LOCKE, John

An Essay on Chemical Analysis: Chiefly Translated from the Fourth Volume of the Last Edition of the "Traite De Chimie Elementaire" of L.J. Thenard, with Additions ... CHILDREN, John George

An Essay on the Ancient and Modern Use of Armories; NISBET, Alexander

An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions Discussed in His Writings MILL, John Stuart

An Introduction to Fly Tying COCKWILL, Peter

An Introduction to Mining Finance GARTRELL, H.W.

An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation BENTHAM, Jeremy

An Older Form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge with an angle attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes BERNERS, Juliana (Attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes)


And Wealth for Toil PINK, Kerry

Andrus, Burton C. The Infamous of Nuremberg

Angel Pavement PRIESTLEY, J.B.

Angling in Australia - It's History and Writings DUNN, Bob

Angling in Australia and Elsewhere JOSELAND, Howard

Angling in Australia and Elsewhere JOSELAND, Howard

Angling in the Andes PATTERSON, George

Angling in the Andes. PATTERSON, George.

Anglo-Boer War Diary of Herbert Gwynne Howell WESSELS, Andre, M.A.

Animal Antics GEDDES, Elisabeth

Annual Report of Lands and Survey Branch SCRIVENER, Charles Robert (Director)

Antarctic Days MURRAY, James and George MARSTON

Applying Ecology Beeby, Alan

Archery: The Technical Side Hickman, C. N., Forrest Nagler and Paul E. Klopsteg

Art of the Australian Aboriginal BARRETT, Charles, & CROLL, Robert Henderson

Artis Obstetricariae Compendium Tam Theoriam Quam Praxin MANNINGHAM, Richard & BOEHMER, Phillipp Adolf

Artists of the Australian Gold Rush McCULLOCH, Alan

Astream DEMOTT, Robert (Editor)

Atlantic Game Fishing FARRINGTON, S. Kip. Jr.

Australasian Tokens and Coins - A Handbook ANDREWS, Dr. Arthur

Australasiatic Reminiscences of Twenty-three Years' Wanderings in Tasmania and The Australias; Including Travels With Dr. Leichhardt in North or Tropical Australia. BUNCE, Daniel

Australia - 300 Years of Botanical Illustration HEWSON, Helen

Australia versus Germany - The Story of the Taking of German New Guinea Burnell, F.S.

Australia's Aborigines McCarthy, Frederick D.

Australia's Fan Heritage NORTH, Audrey

Australia's Home Boyd, Robin

Australia's Upper Middle Class in the Edwardian Age - Volume 2 Cannon, Michael (editor)

Australian Aborigines DAWSON, W.J.

Australian Aldershot CALDER, Winty

Australian Army Insignia 1903 - 1966 Festberg, Alfred N.

Australian Artists, Australian Birds PEARCE, Barry


Australian Book Collectors - Some Noted Australian Book Collectors and Collections of the 19th and 20th Centuries STITZ, Charles (Editor)

Australian Book Collectors - Some Noted Australian Book Collectors and Collections of the 19th and 20th Centuries - Second Series, Volumes II and III STITZ, Charles (Editor)

Australian Book-Plates and Book-Plates of Interest to Australia BARNETT, P. Neville

Australian Colonies, Further Papers Relative to the Alterations in the Constitutions of the,

Australian Colonies, Further Papers Relative to the Proposed Alteration in the Constitution of the,

Australian Fishing and Hunting Guide-No. 1-1952

Australian Fly Patterns COULSON, Peter

Australian Personal Bookplates PEAKE, Andrew G.

Australian Pottery: The First 100 Years FORD, Geoff

Australian Rare Books 1788-1900 WANTRUP, Jonathan

Australian Sheep Husbandry ARMSTRONG, Albert Stapleton, & CAMPBELL, G. Ord

Australian Softbill Management - Aviary Studies of Wrens, Robins, Chats and Dotterels HUTTON, Rosemary

Australian Trout Food, Trout Flies and How to Fish Them. FLOWER, Rob

Australian Words and Their Origins HUGHES, Joan (Editor)

Australians in War - With The Australian Regiment from Melbourne to Bloemfontein REAY, Major W.T.

Autographs and Manuscripts - A Collector's Manual BERKELEY, Edmund Jr. (Editor)

Baden-Powell AITKEN, W. Francis

Badges and Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces 1890-1980 ARNIEL, A.J.

Ballet in Australia - The Second Act 1940-1980 PASK, Edward H.

Bandoola WILLIAMS, J. H.

Battles with Giant Fish MITCHELL HEDGES, F.A.

Bayonets Abroad - A History of the 2/13th Battalion A.I.F. In the Second World War. FEARNSIDE, Lt. G.H. (Editor)

Beau Geste Wren, Percival Christopher

Beekeeping in the Tropics SMITH, Francis G.

Before The Ironclad BROWN, D.K.

Beyond Bokhara - The Life of William Moorcroft Asian Explorer and Pioneer Veterinary Surgeon 1767-1825 ALDER, Garry

Biggles - Secret Agent JOHNS, Captain W.E.

Billabong Gold BRUCE, Mary Grant

Billiards Simplified or How To Make Breaks - Illustrated By Sixty Diagrams of the Actual Play of Cook, Bennett, Roberts, Peall, and Mitchell

Bindibu Country Thomson Donald

Biografia Bylych Wiezniow Politycznych Niemieckich Obozow Koncentracyjnych GLADYSZ, Antoni, & SZYMERSKI, Andrzej

Bird-Life Being a History of the Bird, It's Structure and Habits Together With Sketches of Fifty Different Species BREHM, Dr. A.E.

Birds of Australia in Colour STEVENS, Lyla


Black War - The Extermination of the Tasmanian Aborigines TURNBULL, Clive

Blacker's Art of Fly Making, &c. Comprising Angling and Dyeing of Colours with Engravings of Salmon & Trout Flies. BLACKER, William

Blacker's Art of Fly Making, Comprising Angling & Dyeing of Colours BLACKER, William

Bliss Carey, Peter

Blossom In "The Land of Sunshine" Gift Book

Bob Church's Guide to Trout Flies CHURCH, Bob

Bobbin Up HEWETT, Dorothy

Bookano Stories No. 4 GIRAUD, S. Louis (Editor)

Boss of Britain's Underworld HILL, Billy

Bower-Birds - Their Displays and Breeding Cycles - A Preliminary Statement MARSHALL, A.J.



Brave Hearts GRAY, Robertson

BREAKER MORANT A Horseman Who Made History with a Selection of His Bush Ballads Cutlack, F. M.


Brett Whiteley McGRATH, Sandra

Bridge Architecture WATSON, Wilbur J.

Bridges BROWN, David J.

Bridges in Theory, Practice, and Architecture. Vols. I& II HANN, James

Bright Waters, Bright Fish HAIG-BROWN, Roderick

Britain And Tibet 1765 - 1947. The Background to the India-China Border Dispute. A Select Annotated Bibliography of Printed Material in European Languages. MARSHALL, Julie G.

British Army Proficiency Badges EDWARDS, Denis, & LANGLEY, David

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Single Shot Rifles Winfer, Walter G.

British Warships 1914 - 1919 DITTMAR, F. J. & J. J. COLLEDGE

British Yeomanry Uniforms - An Album of Coloured Prints SIMKIN, Richard

Broken Away GRIMSHAW, Beatrice Ethel

Brook and River Trouting EDMONDS, Harfield H. and LEE, Norman N.

Brother Digger SHAW, Patricia

Bubblegug . LYNOTT

Buffaloes WARBURTON, Carl in Collaboration with W.K. Robertson.

Buffaloes WARBURTON, Carl in Collaboration with W.K. Robertson.

Buggies and Horse-drawn Vehicles in Australia Cuffley, Peter

Building Construction, Volumes One and Two Together, and Volumes Three and Four Together McKAY, W.B. & McKAY, J.K.

Bury the Dead Shaw, Irwin

Bush Leatherwork EDWARDS, Ron

Bush Tracks and Gold Fields GEE, Lionel C.E.

Bush Yarns and Town Sketches PHIPPS, William Hervey

Bushrangers - Heroes or Villains Penzig, Edgar F.

Bushrangers, Bandits and Bastards Penzig, Edgar F.

By Chance & Intuition GADD, Mervyn.

By Range and River KENNEDY, Victor

By Reef and Shoal - Being an Account of a Voyage Amongst the Islands in the South-Western Pacific SINKER, William

By Stream and Sea SENIOR, William ("Red Spinner")

Callaghan & Batman - Van Diemen's Land 1825 E.F. (Editor)

Campanian Coinages 475 -380 BC RUTTER, N.K.

Captain James Cook and His Times. FISHER, Robin & JOHNSTON, Hugh (Eds.)

Carl Collett's Waterways of N.S.W. COLLETT, Carl

Caroline Chisholm KIDDLE, Margaret

Cassell's Family Magazine. Illustrated

Casting Tackle and Methods SMITH, O.W.

Casting the Fly for Trout KENDRICK, C.H.

Catalogue of Superior Salmon and Trout Rods Artificial Flies & High-Class Fishing Tackle for Home & Abroad. CUMMINS, W.J.

Catalogue of the Scientifi Serial Literatu Catalogue of the Scientific Serial Literature in Certain Libraries in Sydney re in Certain Libraries in Sydney, N.S.W. DAYTON, W.T., Compiled Under the Direction of ANDERSON, Stuart (SIR) T.P., M.D.

Catching Trout in Australia JAMES, Bill

Cattle Chosen - The Story of the First Group Settlement in Western Australia 1829 to 1841 SHANN, E.O.G. M.A.

Central Mischief JOLLEY, Elizabeth

Chalk Stream Flies WALKER, C.F.

Challenge of the North Idriess, Ion L.

Challenge of the North Idriess, Ion L.

Chambers Dictionary of Etymology Barnhart, Robert K. (Editor) Steinmetz, Sol (Managing Editor)

Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Bavaria Boner, Charles

Champagne Fly Fishing SAUTELLE, John

Charing Cross Hospital, The Pharmacopoeia of,

Charting A Continent INGLETON, Geoffrey C.

Chasing Rainbows - Happy Days Along the Trout Streams PATTERSON, George

Chemical Recreations: A Compendium of Experimental Chemistry. Part First, Comprising Chemical Manipulation, and Analysis By the Blowpipe. GRIFFIN, John Joseph

Chess, with Illustrations GREEN, R.F.

China, Australia and The Pacific Islands In The Years 1855-56. D"EWES, J. Esq

Chinese Kung Fu - Tai Chi Sabre for Self-Defence MARKS, Captain Tom, U.S. Army (Editor)

Chips - The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon JAMES, Robert Rhodes

Christianity Among The New Zealanders WILLIAMS, The Right Rev William, D.C.I.

Chronicles in Cartoon: A Record of Our Time (Parts I-XV Complete) ROBINSON, B.Fletcher

Chums 1929 - 1930

Cinderella Dressed In Yella TURNER, Ian

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1922

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1925

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1928

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1931

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1932

City of Adelaide - Municipal Year Book 1933

Clara Butt, Her Life Story PONDER, Winifred

Classic & Antique Fly-Fishing Tackle CAMPBELL, A.J.

Classic Motorcycles in Australia DUMBLE, David B.

Clavis Homerica Sive Lexicon Vocabulorem Omnium Quae Continentur in Homeri Iliade et Potiffima Parte Odyssaeae Cum Brevi De Dialectis Appendice. (HOMER)

Cleopatra and Rome KLEINER, Diana E.E.


Coburn 'The Seasons' Tapestries AMADIO, Nadine

Coconut Island or The Adventures of Two Children in the South Seas GIBBINGS, Robert

Cole's Merry-Go-Round Story Book

Collections of a Century - The History of the First Hundred Years of the National Museum of Victoria PESCOTT, R.T.M.

Coloured, Type and Song Canaries WALKER, G.B.R. & AVON, Dennis

Coming Into Being among the Australian Aborigines ASHLEY-MONTAGU, M.F.

Commando. From Tidal River to Tarakan. The Story of No.4 Australian Independant Company, AIF, later known as 2/4th Australian Commando Squadron, AIF 1941-45 LAMBERT, G.E. (Compiler)


Compositions from Shakespeare's Tempest / Compositions from Shelley's Prometheus Unbound Paton, Sir J. Noel

Coogan's Gully - A Young Person's Guide to Bushranging, Ecology & Witchcraft FRIEND, Donald

Cook's Pacific Encounters: The Cook-Forster Collection of the Georg-August Univesity of Gottingen

Correspondence Between the Secretary of State for the Colonial Department and the Governors or Lieutenant-Governors of the British Colonies in North America and Australia, Since the Last Returns, in So Far as Relates to the Question of Emigration.

Correspondence Concerning the Great Melbourne Telescope in Three Parts: 1852 - 1870,

Cotton Growing in the Northern Territory. Report By Mr. John Bottomley (with map). 1904 AND Cotton-Growing in Australia BOTTOMLEY, John

Cousin From Fiji LINDSAY, Norman

Cowboys Complete Saddle Making Hopper, John

Crowley on Christ KING, Francis

Crown Jewels Jones, Dana

Cruchley's New and Improved Environs of London, Extending Thirty Miles Round St. Paul's on a Scale of Three Quarters of an Inch to a Mile, on Which is Carefully Delineated All the Main & Cross Roads, Foot Paths & Gentlemen's Seats, Parks, Inns, Di CRUCHLEY, G.F.

Cry Crucify WALSH, Verdun ('Skinny')

Curtin's Cowboys - Australia's Secret Bush Commandos WALKER, Richard & Helen

Cyaniding for Gold Idriess

Cyaniding for Gold IDRIESS, Ion

Dairying in Australasia - Farm and Factory O"CALLAGHAN, M.A.

Darwin 1942 - Australia's Darkest Hour HALL, Timothy

Darwin's Air War Alford, Bob


De Soto Maintenance Manual

Demon to Vampire BROOK, Squadron Leader W.H.

Department of Mines. Bulletins of the Geological Survey of Victoria DUNN, E.J..and MAHONY, D.J.

Description of Notoclea, a New Genus of Coleopterous Insects from New Holland. MARSHAM, Thomas

Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars CHANDLER, David

Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.? MEAD, G.R.S

Discoveries & Surveys in New Guinea and the D'Entrecasteaux Islands MORESBY, Captain John, R.N.

Discoveries in Australia; with an Account of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed During Thye Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the Years 1837-38-39-40-41-42-43. By Command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Also a Narrative of Captain Owe STOKES,J. Lort , Commander, R.N.

Diseases of Canaries, Budgerigars, Parakeets, & Other Cage Birds VIGUIE, J & M

Distant Waters ATKINSON, R. Valentine (Photographer)

Domenikos Theotokopoulos EL GRECO 1541-1614 GUDIOL, Jose

Domitian - Tragic Tyrant SOUTHERN, Pat

Dragonflies CORBET, PHilip S., LONGFIELD, Cynthia, and MOORE, N.W.

Drawing and Drawings in Australia LINDSAY, Lionel

Dreamhouse GRENVILLE, Kate

Drums of Mer Idriess, Ion L.

Dry Fly Entomology HALFORD, Frederick M.

Dry Rot in Wood FINDLAY, W.P.K. & SAVORY, J.G.

Dry-Fly Fishing HALFORD, F.M.

Eagles Alighting. A History of 1 Australian Parachute Battalion. DUNN, J.B. "Lofty"

Early Charts of New Zealand 1542 - 1851 MALING, Peter Bromley

Early Colonial Furniture in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land CRAIG, Clifford, FAHY, Kevin & ROBERTSON, E. Graeme

Early Days of the Upper Murray CARMODY, Jean

Early French Voyages to Australia (Les Premieres Expeditions Francaises vers L'Australie) a portfolio of early artworks

Early French Voyages to Australia (Les Premieres Expeditions Francaises vers L'Australie) a Portfolio of Reproductions of Early Artworks

Early History of the Colony of Victoria, from Its Discovery to Its Establishment as a Self-Governing Province of the British Empire LABILLIERE, Francis Peter

Early Moreton Bay (Recollections) WELSBY, Thos.

Eastern Love - 12 Volumes MATHERS, E.Powys

Economic Structure and the Ceremonial Exchange Cycle in Arnhem Land Thomson, Donald F.

Edgemaster Spencer, Keith

Edible Fishes of New South Wales STEAD, David G.

Elements of Metallurgy. A Practical Treatise on the Art of Extracting Metals From Their Ores PHILLIPS, J. Arthur

Emily Kngwarreye Paintings ISAACS, Jennifer & Terry Smith, Judith Ryan, Donald Holt & Janet Holt

Ena, or The Ancient Maori WILSON, George H.

England Revisited - Pictures With Brush and Pen VINE HALL, Arthur

Enid Blyton's Eighth Bedside Book BLYTON, Enid

Escenas Del Campo Argentino 1885 - 1900

Essay on the Theory of the Earth CUVIER, Baron G.

Essays in Analysis RUSSELL, Bertrand

Essential Fly-Fishing Techniques for Australian Lakes GROSE, Neil

Etchings by John Shirlow

Etymologicon Linguae Anglicanae SKINNER, Stephen.

Eureka - Victorian Parliamentary Papers Votes and Proceedings 1854 - 1867 ANDERSON, Hugh (Editor)

Eureka Rediscovered - In Search of the Site of the Historic Stockade HARVEY, Jack

Excursions in New South Wales Western Australia and Van Dieman's Land During The Years 1830, 1831, 1832, AND 1833. BRETON, Lieut, R.N.

Exotic Fly-Fishing in the South Seas HOLE, Chris

Extracts From The Letters and Journals of Daniel Wheeler, (Parts I, II and III) bound with Extracts From The Letters of James Backhouse ( Second Part) WHEELER, Daniel

Fables Respecting the Popes of the Middle Ages - A Contribution to Ecclesiastical History VON DOLLINGER, John J. Ign.

Fair Greece Sad Relic SPENCER, Terence

Farm Insects, Being the Natural History and Economy of the Insects Injurious to the Field Crops of Great Britain and Ireland CURTIS, John, F.L.S.

Farther North Than Nansen Being the Voyage of the Polar Star ABRUZZT, H.R.H. The Duke of

Favourite Flies and their Histories MARBURY, Mary Orvis

Fifty Years of the Marque VINCENT, P.C.

Fifty-Two Pearls and their Environment MUHLER, Joseph C.

Fire Insurance Offices and "Fire Marks" in Australasia - Part II CHITTY, Alfred

First and Second Interim Reports of the Bridge Sub - Committee, 1925, on "Impact" & "Revision of the Bridge Rules", with connected papers and Proposed Bridge Rules for 5' 6" Gauge Railways

First Journey CHURCHILL, Winston S.

First Views of Australia 1788-1825 - A History of Early Australia McCORMICK, Tim, et al

Fishes of New Zealand - Catalogue, with Diagnoses of the Species HUTTON, Frederick Wollaston, F.G.S.

Fishing - Salmon and Trout CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H.

Fishing for Wild Images ROBERTS, Col

Fishing for Wild Images ROBERTS, Col

Fishing From Afar JOHNSON, Stephen

Fishing in American Waters SCOTT, Genio C.

Fishing in Eden - A Record of Fifty Years with Rod and Line in the Valleys of the Eden and Eamont; to Which are Added Some Practical Notes on Flies and Tackle. NELSON, William

Fishing Season WEIGALL, Philip

Fishing Tackle FRAZER, Perry D.

Fishing Tackle - A Collector's Guide TURNER, Graham

Fishing, Tackle and Kits CARROLL, Dixie

Flies for Saltwater STEWART, Dick and FARROW, Allen

Flindersland and Sturtland or, The Inside and Outside of Australia (In Two Volumes) JESSOP, William R.H., M.A.

Flora of South Australia (in 4 volumes) JESSOP, J.P. & TOELKEN, H.R. (Editors)

Fly Dresser's Guide VENIARD, John.

Fly Dressing and some Tackle-Making DAVIES, W.E. (Bill)

Fly Fishing GREY, Viscount, of Fallodon

Fly Fishing for Trout Down Under JULIAN, Peter

Fly Fishing Fundamentals SLOANE, Rob.

Fly-fisher in Tasmania SCHOLES, David

Fly-fisher in Tasmania - An Acquaintance with the Trout of the Rivers and Lakes of Tasmania, Australia SCHOLES, David

Fly-Fishing Pictorial SCHOLES, David. (as Told to Tony Ritchie)

Fly-Leaves from a Fisherman's Diary SHARP, Captain G.E.

Flytying Tools and Materials. WAKEFORD, Jaqueline

FN - BROWNING 100 YEARS OF SPORT AND MILITARY FIREARMS Francotte, Auguste, and Gaier, Claude

For Fuhrer And Fatherland - Political and Civil Awards of the Third Reich - Volume 2 ANGOLIA, John R.

Forestry Handbook for New South Wales

Foster's Bridge Tactics FOSTER, R.F.

Fountain Pens The Complete Guide to Repair & Restoration Revised Edition Dubiel, Frank


Four Days Wonder Milne, A.A.

Four Letters from Charles Sturt on a Proposed Exploration of the Australian Continent, addressed to Lord Stanley during 1843 & 1844.

Fourteen Journeys Over The Blue Mountains of New South Wales 1813-1841 MACKANESS, George (Editor)

Foxeys Hangout - The Story of One Family's Vineyard Dream GOWDIE, Cathy

Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae - Volume VII de MUELLER, Baron Ferdinand

Frank Gardiner The Bushranger Penzig, Edgar F

Freedom and Independence for the Golden Lands of Australia; the Right of the Colonies, and the Interest of Britain and of the World LANG, John Dunmore, D.D., A.M.

Freshwater Fishes & Rivers of Australia. LAKE, John S.

Freshwater Fishing Australia

Freshwater Fishing Australia Magazine - 50th Limited Edition

Friendly Islands Rutherford, Noel (editor)

Frithiof's Saga: A Skandinavian Legend of Royal Love STRONG, Rev. William

Frithjof and Ingebjorg And Other Poems SLADEN, Douglas B.W.

Fritillaries - A Gardener's Introduction to the Genus Fritillaria BECK, Christabel

From Grabben Gullen to Kokoda Hogan, Tom, Nace and Bill

From Hastings to the Mary Rose The Great Warbow Strickland, Matthew & Robert Hardy

From Silver to Steel - The Romance of The Broken Hill Proprietary BRIDGES, Roy

Frontline Airline Bremner, E. Bennett

Fun O' The Fair GRAHAME, Kenneth

Fundamentalisms Observed MARTY, Martin E. and APPLEBY, R.Scott

G.E.M.Skues: The Way of a Man with a Trout OVERFIELD, T. Donald

Gaily The Troubadour - Satires in The Fixed Form of Verse MACARTNEY, Frederick T.

Galla Placidia Augusta - A Biographical Essay OOST, Stewart Irvin

Gallipoli Diary - in Two Volumes. HAMILTON, Sir Ian, G.C.B.

Game Fishing off the Australian Coast D'OMBRAIN, Athel.

Gatherings of a Grandmother During a Period of 70 Years' Residence in Australia SPROULE, Mary B.

Gatherings of A Naturalist in Australasia BENNETT, G, M.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S.

Gaudete HUGHES, Ted

Gazetteer of South-East New Guinea and New Britain

Geehi to Great Lake - An Anthology of Victorian Fly-Fishers' Association Newsletters

Gems from Ion Idriess Idriess, Ion L.

Geo. R. Broadbent's Standard and Official Motor Guide Melbourne to Sydney (and back) Via the Prince's Hifghway BROADBENT, Geo. R.

Geodaesia: Or, The Art of Surveying and Measuring of Land Made Easie. LOVE, John

Geographical Encyclopaedia of New South Wales HANSON, William

Geology of Victoria Douglas, J.G. & J.A. Ferguson

George Eliot's Works - The Warwick Edition - Full Leather in 14 Volumes ELIOT, George

George Robertson of Melbourne 1825-1898 HOLROYD, John

Goggles and God Help You - Pioneer Airwoman Freda Thompson OBE and Some of Her Contemporaries PALMER, Joan Austin

Gold at Gaffneys Creek Lloyd, Brian & Combes, Howard

Gold Refining CLARK, Donald. M.M.E.

Gold-Dust and Ashes IDRIESS, Ion L.

Governors and Governing Mechanism HALL, H.R.

Governors' Ladies ALEXANDER, Alison

Grammar and Vocabulary of Language Spoken By Motu Tribe (New Guinea) LAWES, Rev. W.G. .

Grandie Hutchinson, Norman C.

Great Fishing with Lures McCRISTAL, Vic

Green Mallee TRURAN, John

Griffith Gaunt, or Jealousy READE, Charles

Ground Orchids of Australia Pocock, Maynard R.

Guests of the Unspeakable WHITE, T.W.

Guide For Excursionists From Melbourne - Dedicated to All in Search of Health, Recreation, and Pleasure.

Guide to the Jenolan Caves New South Wales. TRICKETT, O, L.S., M.S.


Guns and Gold - Stories, Artifacts and Crime of the Australian Diggings 1850 - 1900 PENZIG, Edgar

Halfway to Heaven Hoinville, Fred

Halkett and Laing - A Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous Publications in the English Language 1475 - 1640 HORDERN, John (Editor)

Handbook of Hardwoods FARMER, R.H. (Reviser)

Handbook on Viticulture for Victoria

Hat Badges of the Australian Army 1903-1930 FESTBERG, Alfred N.

Hawaii 1778 - 1920 from the Viewpoint of a Bishop Being the Story of English and American Churchmen in Hawaii with Historical Sidelights. RESTARICK, Rt. Rev. Henry Bond, D.D.

Hawaiian America WHITNEY, Caspar

Hawaiian Mythology BECKWITH, Martha

Headhunters of the Coral Sea IDRIESS, Ion L.

Heaven on a Stick HOLE, Chris

Here Is Faery LEASON, Percy (Illus)

High Country Ballads and Reflective Verse McVeigh, Harold Vincent.

His Majesty's Army. Information About Conditions and Terms of Service in the Various Branches of His Majesty's Army, Subject to such Modifications as May be Made from Time to Time.

Historical Records of New Zealand - In Two Volumes McNAB, Robert, Minister of Lands and Agriculture (Editor)

Historical Studies Australia and New Zealand - Eureka Centenary Supplement

History of American Missions to the Heathen, From Their Commencement to the Present Time TRACY, Joseph & Ors.

History of Australia (In Three Volumes) RUSDEN, G.W.

History of Shorthorn Cattle Sinclair, James

History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France from the Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland Under James II, to the Revolution in France Under Louis XVI O"CALLAGHAN, John Cornelius

History of the Sandwich Islands Mission ANDERSON, Rufus, D.D.

Hits! Skits! And Jingles! GOODGE, W.T.

Hogarth's Peregrination MITCHELL, Charles (Editor)

Hoof Problems Van NASSAU, Rob

Hoofbeats Along the Tigris - Racing Arabian Horses in Turkey FORBIS, Judith E.

Horace Trenerry KLEPAC, Lou

Horse Trials Horses BATCHELOR, Vivien, & LONGLAND, Julia

How to Catch Fish and Cook It. McGLASHAN, Alistair

How To Catch Murray Cod & Golden Perch BOOTH, Stephen, and WENDT, Dirk.

Howard Hill Ekin, Craig

Howard Hill Collectibles Burton, Bob


Illustrated Guide to the Australian Alps & Buffalo Ranges

Imaginary Portraits PATER, Walter H.

Imperial Sunset - Frontier Soldiering in the 20th Century Lunt, James

Imperishable Anzacs - A Story of Australia's Famous First Brigade CAVILL, Pte. H.W.

Imperishable Anzacs - A Story of Australia's Famous First Brigade CAVILL, Pte. H.W.

In Defense of Reason WINTERS, Yvor

In Hell Before Daylight FLETCHER, Ian

In Quest of Bowerbirds CHAFFER, Norman

In Savage Isles and Settled Lands - Malaysia, Australasia, and Polynesia 1888 -1891 BADEN-POWELL, B.F.S

In Savage Isles and Settled Lands - Malaysia, Australasia, and Polynesia 1888 -1891 BADEN-POWELL, B.F.S

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