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The Complete Archery Book Hochman, Louis

The Complete Archery Book Hochman, Louis

The Complete Book of McKee Glass STOUT, Sandra Mcphee

The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay Bloomfield, Lin

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Two Volume Set) ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques

The Coral Lands of the Pacific: Their Peoples and Their Products. COOPER, H. Stonehewer

The Cow Pasture Road WILSON, Hardy

The Cruise of the "Fisherman" GREY, Romer

The Cyclopedia of N.S.W. (Illustrated)

The CZ-75 Family..The Ultimate Combat Handgun RAMOS, J.M.

The Dark Tower MICKLE, Alan D.

The Davidson Collection

The Davidson Collection

The Dawn of Day NIETZSCHE, Friedrich

The Death of Vishnu SURI, Manil

The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex DARWIN, Charles

The Desert Column Idriess, Ion L.

The Desert Column Idriess, Ion L.

The Design and Construction of Dams WEGMANN, Edward

The Dettes, A Catskill Legend LEISER, Eric

The Devons A History of the Devonshire Regiment 1685-1945 TAYLOR, Jeremy

The Discoverers of the Fiji Islands - Tasman, Cook, Bligh, Wilson, Bellinghausen HENDERSON, G.C. M.A. (Oxon)

The Discovery of Australia COLLINGRIDGE, George

The Discovery of Australia COLLINGRIDGE,George

The Discovery Survey & Settlement of Port Phillip RUSDEN, G.W.

The Diseases of Bees Aughterson, W. H.

The Dog in Australasia Beilby, Walter

The Dominion of New Zealand DOUGLAS, Sir Arthur P., Bt.

The Double-Armed Man Neade, William

The Dry-Fly Man's Handbook HALFORD, Frederic M.

The Early Days of Korumburra BOWDEN, Dr. Keith

The Early History of Mount Morgan, Dawson and Callide Valleys. LONG, W.J (Compiler)

The Early History of Warwick District and Pioneers of the Darling Downs HALL, Thomas

The Earth - A Descriptive History of the Phenomena of the Life of the Globe - 2 Vols RECLUS, Elisee

The Ebbing of the Tide BECKE, Louis

The Egyptian Reliefs and Stelae in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow HODJASH, Svetlana, & BERLEV, Oleg

The Egyptologists AMIS, Kingsley & CONQUEST, Robert

The Eighth Division in War, 1914-1918 BORASTON, Lt.- Colonel J.H. and BAX, Captain Cyril E.O.

The Empire Annual For Boys - Volume Twenty-Two KNOWLTON, J. Burnett (Editor)

The Enchanting Break O'Day SCHOLES, David

The Enchanting Break O'Day SCHOLES, David

The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History, Society and Culture - In Two Volumes HORTON, Dr. David (General Editor)

The English Parnassus DIXON & GRIERSON (eds)

The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson - The First Series and The Second Series EMERSON, Ralph Waldo

The Establishment and Development of Engraving and Lithography in Melbourne to the time of the Gold Rush DARRAGH, Thomas A.

The Everlasting Mercy MASEFIELD, John

The Fairy and the Dragonfly

The Fall of the West - The Slow Death of the Roman Superpower GOLDSWORTHY, Adrian

The Federal Defence of Australasia CRAIG, George Cathcart

The Ferguson Tractor Types TE-A20, TE- C20, TE- D20 and TE - E20 Workshop Manual

The Fight for the Franklin CONNOLLY, Bob

The Final Frontier BASHLINE, James L.

The Finding of Dr. Livingstone STANLEY, H.M.

The First Decade of the Australian Commonwealth - A Chronicle of Contemporary Politics 1901-1910 TURNER, Henry Gyles

The First Fifty Years of Responsible Government in Victoria. The Roll of Parliament and Some Statistics of Progress from 1856 to 1906. WATSON, T.G., Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (Compiler)

The First Vincent - HRD Scene

The Fisherman's Vade Mecum MAUNSELL, G.W.

The Fishing's Only Part of It LAMB, Dana

The Flowing Stream. 100 Years of Angling with the Newe South Wales Rod Fishers' Society GIBSON, Peter (Editor)

The Fly WIGRAM, R.H.

The Fly Fisher's Guide BAINBRIDGE, Geo. C.

The Fly Fisher's Illustrated Dictionary MARTIN, Darrel

The Fly-Fisher's Entomology Ronalds, Alfred

The Fly-Fisher's Flies WOOLLEY, Roger

The Forest of Boland Light Railway Watkins-Pitchford, Denys ('BB')

The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms, with Observations on Their Habits DARWIN, Charles

The Forsyte Saga GALSWORTHY, John

THE FRONTIER EDITION - 24 Volumes Complete Idriess, Ion L.

The Galloping Guns of Rupertswood and Werribee Park COX, Lindsay C.

The Garden of Ships STEWART, Douglas

The Gardener's and Farmer's Reason Why, Containing Reasons for the Principles of Scientific Cultivation Applicable to Gardening and Agriculture [PHILIP, Robert Kemp]

The Genesis of Queensland RUSSELL, Henry Stuart

The Gentle Art of Angling VENABLES, Bernard

The Geology And Palaeontology of Queensland and New Guinea (plates) JACK, Robert L. and ETHERIDGE, Robert, Junior

The Geology of the Commonwealth of Australia Edgeworth David, Sir T.W. edited and supplemented by W.R. Browne

The Geology of the South-East of England. MANTELL, Gideon.

The Girls of The Abbey School OXENHAM, Elsie Jeanette

The Gold Fields and Mineral Districts of Victoria SMYTH, R Brough

The Gold-Finder of Australia SHERER, John (Editor)

The Great Southern Railway BOWDEN, Keith Macrae

The Great Trek - One of the Greatest Feats in Australian Exploration. IDRIESS, Ion L.

The Great Trout of Lake Pedder TERRY, Ned

The Greeks And Greek Civilization BURCKHARDT, Jacob

The Greyhound, Breeding, Coursing, Racing Etc. MATHESON, James

The Greyhound. a Treatise on the Art of Breeding, Rearing and Training Greyhounds for Public Running: Their Diseases and Treatment. STONEHENGE, (John Henry Walsh)

The Guinness Book of Game Fishing CURRIE, William B.

The Gun Digest Book of Knives Lewis, Jack and Combs, Roger

The Hard Way - The Story of the Hawthorn Football Club GORDON, Harry

The Harmony of the Evangelists Being the Whole Text of the Four Gospels Difposed According to the Order of Time in Which the Things Related in Them Were Done. LE CLERC, John

The Hawaiian Islands: Their Progress and Condition Under Missionary Labours. ANDERSON, Rufus

The Historical Records of New South Wales. Cook. 1762-1780. Facsimiles of Charts, to Accompany Vol.I Part I. COOK, James

The History of Albury 1824 - 1895 ANDREWS, Dr Arthur

The History of New South Wales (2 volumes) FLANGAN, Roderick

The History of New South Wales, from its First Discovery to the Present Time; Comprising an Accurate and Interesting Description of that Vast and Remarkable Country; and of the Persons, Manners, and Customs of the Natives; [G. Paterson]

The History of the Worthies of England FULLER, Thomas

The History of Williamstown Elsum, William H.

The Hog Deer Mayze, R.J. and G.I. Moore

The Horse and the Dog SAMPLE, H.

The Horse Soldier 1776 - 1943. Volume I - The Revolution, The War of 1812, the Early Frontier, 1776 - 1850 STEFFEN, Randy

The Horse Soldier 1776 - 1943. Volume III - The Last of the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Brink of the Great War, 1881-1916 STEFFEN, Randy

The Hosts of Rebecca CORDELL, Alexander

The Hunter Sketchbook CALABY, John (Editor)

The Hunter Sketchbook Hunter, Captain John, R.N.

The Illustrated Book of Poultry with Practical Schedules for Judging WRIGHT, Lewis

The Illustrated History of the Sunbeam Bicycles and Motorcycles CHAMP, Robert Cordon

The International Guide to Fly-Tying Materials (and where to buy them) CLARKE, Barry Ord, and SPAIGHT, Robert.

The Island Campaigns WALKER, Allan S. and ors.

The Jena Campaign 1806 MAUDE, Col. F.N.

The Journal of Edward Spain, Merchant Seaman and Sometimes Warrant Officer in THE ROYAL NAVY describing the conditions of life at sea during the American Revolution and the wars with France SPAIN, Edward

THE KENTUCKY RIFLE Dillin, Captain John G.W.

The King and People of Fiji: Containing a Life of Thokombau; with Notices of The Fijians, Their Manners, Customs, and Superstitions, Previous to the Great Religious Reformation in 1854. WATERHOUSE, Rev. Joseph

The Land Beyond Time - A Modern Exploration of Australia's North-West Frontiers OLSEN, John; DURACK, Mary; DUTTON, Geoffrey; SERVENTY, Vincent and BORTIGNON, Al

The Land That Waited Harris, Max, and Forbes, Alison

The Last Generation - A Story of the Future FLECKER, James Elroy

The Last Judgment PEARS, Iain

The Last Man's Head Anderson, Jessica

The Last Paradise. COLE, Tom.

The Laureate of the Centaurs - A Memoir of the Life of Adam Lindsay Gordon, With New Poems, Prose Sketches, Political Speeches, and Reminiscences, and an "In Memoriam" By Kendall. HOWLETT - ROSS, J

The Lee-Enfield Skennerton, Ian D.

The Life and Habits of the Platypus EADIE, Robert, M.B.E.

The Life of Captain James Cook BEAGLEHOLE, J.C.

The Life of Jean Henri Fabre the Entomologist FABRE, The Abbe Augustin

The Limits of Foreign Policy - The West, the League and the Far Eastern Crisis of 1931-33 THORNE, Christopher

The Lineage of the Australian Army FESTBERG, Alfred N.

The Lion's Tail - An Anthology of Criticism and Abuse COVENEY, Dorothy K. and MEDLICOTT, W.N.

The Literature Relating to New Zealand: A Bibliography

The Little Black Princess Gunn, Mrs, Aeneas

The Liverpool Dock Engineers JARVIS, Adrian

The Local Government Handbook BLUETT, A.R.

The Locomotive Engine Popularly Explained, and Illustrated By Lithographic Design; to Which are Added, Rules and Tables for Ascertaining Its Amount of Useful Effect, Resistance &c. TEMPLETON, William

The Lonely Tower - Studies in the Poetry of W.B.Yeats HENN, T.R. C.B.E., M.A.

The Long Arm - A Biography of a Northern Territory Policeman CLARKE, Hugh V.

The Lost Sisterhood - Prostitution in America, 1900 - 1918 ROSEN, Ruth

The Lure of Fly-tying GRIFFITHS, F.A.D ("Fadg")

The Lure of the Trout CUTHBERTSON, R.E.

The Magazine of Popular Science and Journal of the Useful Arts - Volume the Fourth

The Magazine of Popular Science and Journal of the Useful Arts - Volume the Third

The Making of Nets COLEFAX, A.N. & THOMAS, I.M.

The Management of Dynamos LUMMIS-PATERSON, G.W.

The Manufacture of Pulp and Paper from Australian Woods BENJAMIN L.R..

The Maoris and Their Arts MEAD, Margaret

The Mapping of Australia and Antarctica - second revised edition Tooley,R.V.

The Mark of the Beast Cook, Sir Theodore

The Mastery of Languages or The Art of Speaking Foreign Tongues Idiomatically PRENDERGAST, Thomas

The Memoirs of the Gemini Generals WILKINSON, Major-General Osborn, and WILKINSON, Major-General Johnson

The Metamorphosis, In The Penal Colony and Other Stories KAFKA, Franz

The Midnight Folk MASEFIELD, John


The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction: Containing Original Essays; Historical Narratives; Biographical Memoirs; Sketches of Society; Topographical Descriptions; Novels and Tales; Anecdotes; Select Exztracts Etc. Etc. Volume XVI

The Morphology and Evolutionof Apes and Man SONNTAG, Charles F.

The Moving Metroplolis TAYLOR, Sheila (Editor)

the multiple effects of rainshadow ASTLEY, Thea

The Mysterious Mr Bull LEWIS, Wyndham

The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Performed in His Majesty's Vessel The Lady Nelson, of Sixty Tons Burthen, with Sliding Keels, in the Years 1800, 1801, and 1802, to New South Wales. GRANT, James

The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron ( Commodore in a Late Expedition Round The World) Containing an Account of the Great Distresses Suffered By Himself and His Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, from the Year 1740 Till Their Arrival in Engl BYRON, Lord

The Native Races of Australasia Including Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, New Guinea and Indonesia FRAZER, Sir James George, O.M.

The Native Tribes of South Australia

The Native Tribes of South Australia WOODS, J.D. (Editor)

The Native Tribes of South-East Australia HOWITT, A.W.

The Natural Garden - Ellis Stones: His Life and Work LATREILLE, Anne

The Naturalised Flora of South Australia BLACK, J.M.

The New Atlas of Australian Birds Barrett, Silcocks, Barrry, Cunningham and Poulter

The New Compleat Angler DOWNES, Stephen

The New Ford Car BROWN, E.T.

The New Hebrides and Christian Missions, with a Sketch of the Labour Traffic, and Notes of a Cruise Through the Group in the Mission Vessel STEEL, Robert


The New Zealand Police Medal - The Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medals of New Zealand, Her Dependencies and Mandated Territories 1886-1976

The New Zealanders

The Noble Qur'an AL-HILALI, Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, and KHAN, Dr. Muhammad Muhsin (Tr

The Non-stop Flight Across America - (in The National Geographic Magazine) MACREADY, Lieutenant John A.

The North-West Passage and the Plans for the Search for Sir John Franklin. A Review with Maps &c. BROWN, John F.R.G.S.

The Official History of the Hutchins School Rait, Basil W.

The Old Dark Navy Blues FROST, Lionel

The Old Ships FLECKER, James Elroy

The One-Minute Murder BRANDON, John G.

The Opium Smugglers. A True Story of Our Northern Seas Idriess, Ion L.

The Origins of Angling McDONALD, John

The Other Side of the Hill - A Biography of David William Simpson Scholes, OAM, DFC BODEN, Donald C.

The Panorama of Science and Art; Embracing the Sciences of Aerostation, Agriculture and Gardening, Architecture, Astronomy, Chemistry, Electricity, Galvanism, Hydrostatics and Hydraulics, Magnetism, Mechanics,Optics and Pneumatics; Etc Etc. SMITH, James

The Path of Progress COPELAND, Hugh

The Perth Museum Annual Reports 1896-1928

The Pigrims of the Rhine BULWER-LYTTON, Sir Edward

The Pilgrim's Progress BUNYAN, John

The Poems of Joseph Furphy Furphy, Joseph (Tom Collins)

The Postal History of the Port Phillip District PURVES, J.R.W.

The Practice of the County Court JACOBS, Philip A.

The Precis Book: Lessons in Accuracy of Statement and Preciseness of Expression. For Civil Service Students, Self-Education, and Use in Schools. MONKHOUSE, W. Cosmo

The Princess of Manoa and Other Romantic Tales from the Folklore of Old Hawaii DAY, Mrs. Frank R.

The Principles and Practice of Fly and Bait Casting HUGHES, Reginald D.

The Property of a Distinguished American Private Collector Part II

The Purple Devils - AHistory of The 2/6 Australian Commando Squadron Formerly The 2/6 Australian Independen Company 1942- 1946 TRIGELLIS - SMITH, S.

The Queensland Flora (Seven Volumes Complete) BAILEY, F. Manson

The Quest of the Trout BLACKWOOD, R.L.

The Quest of the Trout BLACKWOOD, R.L.

The Quest of the Trout BLACKWOOD, R.L.

The Quest of the Trout BLACKWOOD, R.L.

The Quest of the Trout. BLACKWOOD, R.L.

The Railway Guide of New South Wales

The Ratbag Mind of Dinas Vawr MACKENZIE, Ron [Dinas Vawr]

The Real Adventures of Robinson Crusoe BURNAND, F.C.

The Remains Being Poems of Monarchy And Religion GREVILLE, Fulke, Lord Brooke

The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster 1772 - 1775 - In Four Volumes HOARE, Michael E. (Editor)

The Reverse of the Medal O'BRIAN, Patrick

The Reverse of the Medal O'BRIAN, Patrick

The Right Fly SIMPSON, Stephen J. and McGAVIN, George C.

The Rise &Progress of Religion in the Soul Dodderidge, P. D.D.

The River Behind The Hill WEIGALL, Philip.

The Road to Ballarat LINDSAY, Kathleen

The Role of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force MENCH, Paul

The Roman Road to Portslade DUNNING, James

The Romance of Tasmania HOOKEY, M.

The Romance of the South Seas WRAGGE, Clement L. F.R.G.S. Etc.

The Royal Atlas & Gazetteer of Australasia Bartholomew, J.G.

The Rubaiyat KHAYYAM, Omar

The Salmon Fly: How To Dress It and How To Use It KELSON

The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906 and Their Effects on Structures and Structural Materials GILBERT, Grove Karl, HUMPHREY, Richard Lewis, SEWELL, John Stephen & SOULE, Fran

The Sands of Time - Recollections and Reflections SICHEL, Walter

The Santo Rebellion BEASANT, John

The Satyricon {Lindsay, Norman, illustrator}Petronius Arbiter

The Science of Rights FICHTE, J.G.

The Scottish Dirk Forman, James D.

The Season of the Machete PATTERSON, James

The Second 28th MASEL, Philip

The Second Twenty-Fourth Australian Infantry Battalion of the 9th Australian Division. A History R.P. SERLE (Editor)

The Secret Mountain BLYTON, Enid

The Secret of Fougereuse - A Romance of the Fifteenth Century GUINEY, Louise Imogen

The Secret of Pocomoke WAGGAMAN, Mary T.

The Secret River GRENVILLE, Kate

The Secrets of Angling DENNYS, John

The Seventeenth Brigade Magazine ROSS, Capt. A.R. (Editor)

The Seventh Battalion A.I.F. Dean, Arthur & Eric W. Gutteridge

The Shale Railways of New South Wales EARDLEY, Gifford H. and Eric M. Stephens

The Shannon Rise WIGRAM, R.H.

The Shannon Rise-Tasmania's Fishing Miracle WIGRAM, R.H.

The Shipwrecked Minister and His Drowning Charge-Memorial Tribute to the Rev. Daniel J. Draper JOBSON, Frederick J.

The Shorebirds of Australia PRINGLE, John Douglas

The Skjellerup Family - A Short History 1820-1960 SKJELLERUP, Peter

The Spirit of the Child WOLLASTON, Tullie C.


The Star White Line of Mail Steamers Official Guide 1877 Specially Prepared, With Maps and Plans for the Use of Passengers Visiting Great Britain and the Continent of Europe, or the United States of America and Canada.

The State School Atlas of Modern Geography PHILIP, George Junr.

The Steam Engine, Comprising an Account of Its Invention and Progressive Improvement; with an Investigation of Its Principles, and the Proportion of Its Parts for Efficiency and Strength: Detailing Also Its Application to Navigation, Mining, &c. TREDGOLD, Thomas

The Storm. a Novel in Six Parts EHRENBURG, Ilya

The Story of a Baby TURNER, ETHEL

The Story of Delville Wood

The Story of Elizabeth Gould CHISHOLM, Alec H.

The Story of the 2/2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion AITKEN, E.F.

The Story of the Australian Bushmen (Being Notes of a Chaplain) GREEN, James

The Strength and Elasticity of New South Wales Timbers of Commercial Value WARREN, W.H.

The Sunburnt Country - Profile of Australia BEVAN, Ian (Editor)

The Surprising Adventures of Blue-Eyed Patty, The Valiant Female Soldier FRIEND, Donald

The Surprising Battalion - Australian Commandos in China NOONAN, William

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser - A Facsimile Reproduction of Volume Two, March 4, 1804 to February 24, 1805.

The Tasmanian Bunyip - Alive and Well ? TAYLOR, Harvey J.

The Tasmanian Trout GILMOUR, Don

The Tasmanian Trout Gilmour, Don

The Tasmanian Trout GILMOUR, Don

The Tea-Time of Love. BOYD, Martin


The Three Wheeler - Story of the Morgan WATTS, Brian

The Tigers of Old HOGAN, Paul

The Time of the Assassins - A Study of Rimbaud MILLER, Henry

The Times War Atlas and Gazeteer

The Tin Scratchers. IDRIESS, Ion L.

The Top Paddock Austin, Nigel

The Tradesmen's Tokens of the Australasian Colonies Together with an Account of the Early Silver Pieces and Gold Coinage of Australia. Stainsfield, C.W.

The Traditional Bowyer's Bible (4 volumes) Hamm, Jim (editor)

The Traditional Way Anderson, Fred

The Treatment of Paper for Special Purposes ANDES, Louis Edgar

The Tregurtha Log SPROD, Dan (Editor)

The Trial of Ned Kelly SIMPSON, Roger

The Trout FROST, W.E., & BROWN, M.E.

The Trout and the Fly CLARKE, Brian, and GODDARD, John.

The True Story of the Kelly Gang of Bushrangers Chomley, C.H.

The Truth About Trout - Observation, Presentation and the Functional Fly. SLOANE, Robert D.

The Truth About Trout - Observation, Presentation, and the Functional Fly SLOANE, Robert D.

The Truth about Trout - Revisited. SLOANE, Robert

The Truth About Trout Flies SLOANE, Tony

The Truth About Trout- Observation, Presentation, and the Functional Fly SLOANE, Robert D.

The Tudor Coinage CHALLIS, C.E.

The Uncertain Trout WIGRAM, R.H.

The Unknown Eros and Other Odes. Odes I-XXXI [PATMORE, Coventry]

The Unknown Quantity JOHNS, W.E.

The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith CAREY, Peter

The Upper Murray MILLER, Royal R.

The Vee -Boers Reid, Captain Mayne

The Victorians and Ancient Rome VANCE, Norman.

The Vincent H.R.D. Story HARPER, Roy

The Walkabouts of Wur-Run-Nah STOW, Catherine ( K. Langloh Parker)

The War in Africa 1914-1917 and in The Far East O'NEILL, H.C.

The Wars of the 'Nineties ATTERIDGE, A. Hilliard

The Wars of the 'Nineties ATTERIDGE, A. Hilliard

The Waterbirds of Australia

The Way Home being the Second Part of The Chronicle of The Fortunes of Richard Mahony RICHARDSON, Henry Handel

The Way of a Trout with a Fly SKUES, G.E.M.

The Way of a Trout with a fly and Some Further Studies in Minor Tactics SKUES, G.E.M.

The Way of an Angler - An Appreciation of Fly-Fishing on Many Waters SCHOLES, David

The Wealth and Progress of New South Wales 1886 - 87. COGHLAN, T.A.

The White Company DOYLE, A. Conan

The White Terror of the Khyber ABDULLAH, S.A.

The Whole Works of The Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor D.D., Lord Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore HEBER, the Right Rev. Reginald D.D. And EDEN, the Rev. Charles Page M.A.

The Wild North IDRIESS, Ion L.

The Wild Sports of Southern Africa; Being the Narrative of a Hunting Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope Through the Territories of the Chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of Capricorn. HARRIS, Captain William Cornwallis

The Wild White Man and the Blacks of Victoria Bonwick, James

The Wind in the Chimney ALLEN, Marian

The Wine-Dark Sea O'BRIAN, Patrick

The Wine-Dark Sea O'BRIAN, Patrick

The Works of Antonio Canova in Sculpture and Modelling, Engraved in Outline By Henry Moses. 3 Volumes Complete MOSES, Henry

The Works of Tim Bobbin Esq, in Prose and Verse, With a Memoir of the Author By John Corry. COLLIER, John

The Yellow Joss and Other Tales IDRIESS, Ion L.

Theoretical and Practical Ammonia Refrigeration REDWOOD, Iltyd I.

There and Back Randall, Alan

There's a Hair in my Dirt Larson, Gary

They Called Him "Chocko" PHILLIPS, Captain W.H.J.

They Came In The "Brilliant" - A History of the McLaurin, Mc Meekin and Paton Families RANDELL, J.O.

Things Fall Apart Achebe, Chinua

Third British Empire Forestry Conference - Australia and New Zealand 1928 - Papers Presented.

Third British Empire Forestry Conference - Australia and New Zealand 1928 - Proceedings

This Is Indeed a Strange Country SLOANE, Alexander & Ann

Thomas Couture and the Eclectic Vision BOIME, Albert

Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age Kindig, Joe Jr

Threadline Angling WANLESS, Alexander

Three Shires & Their Councils Culcairn, Holbrook, Hume 1906-2004 PENNAY, Bruce

Thrilling the Millions - The Lure of the Speedway STENNER, Tom,

Through the British Empire (2 Volumes) Von HUBNER, Baron


Tide's Ending 'BB'

Tigers of the Sea WISE, Colonel Hugh D.

Time of the Take DUNFORD, Fred

Tin at Tingha Brown, Helen

Toil and Travel Being a True Story of Roving and Ranging When on a Voyage Homeward Bound Round the World MacGREGOR, John, M.D. - (Ralph)

Tombleson's Upper Rhine (Ober Rhein, Le Rein Superieure)

Tools of the Earthmover Yesterday and Today Preserved in Pictures ALLHANDS, J.L.

Tourists' Guide Through the Hawaiian Islands Descriptive of Their Scenes and Scenery WHITNEY, Henry M.

Traditional Aikido Sword - Stick - Body Arts Vol 1 - Basic Techniques SAITO, Morihiro

Traite Pratique des Ponceaux, Ponts & Viaducs en Maconnerie et des Aqueducs en Maconnerie et en Poterie Charpentier, Adolphe

Tramways Their Construction and Working CLARK, D. Kinnear

Transatlantic Tracings; or, Sketches of Persons and Scenes in America.

Transformation Scene HOGBIN, H. Ian

Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment WALTERS, William A.W. & ROSS, Michael W. (Editors)

Travel and Trout in the Antipodes SENIOR, William ("Red Spinner")

Travel and Trout in the Antipodes. An Anglers Sketches in Tasmania and New Zealand. SENIOR, W. ("Red Spinner")

Travels in China - A Plantsman's Paradise LANCASTER, Roy

Travels Through Spain and Portugal in 1774; with a Short Account of the Spanish Expedition Against Algiers in 1775 DALRYMPLE, Major William

Treason's Harbour O'BRIAN, Patrick

Trial of Roger Casement KNOTT, George H.(Ed.)

Trout and Fly in Tasmania WIGRAM, R.H.

Trout and Fly in Tasmania WIGRAM, R.H.

Trout and Fly in Tasmania WIGRAM, R.H.

Trout and Fly in Tasmania WIGRAM, R.H.

Trout Angler's Angles PEARSON, Alan

Trout Days - Some Reflections and Conclusions After Many Years of Grand and Eventful Fly-fishing SCHOLES, David

Trout Fishery of Tasmania GILMOUR, Don

Trout Fishing - A Season on Monaro Being the Experiences of a Fly-Fishing Enthusiast on The Rivers and Lakes in Southern New South Wales HEDGE, John

Trout Fishing and Other Freshwater Fishing RYAN Jack

Trout Fishing Guide to Tasmania GILMOUR, Don

Trout Fishing in Australia GILMOUR, Don

Trout Fishing in New South Wales HEDGE, John

Trout Fishing in New South Wales HEDGE, John.

Trout Fishing in Tasmania FRENCH, Greg

Trout Guide SLOANE, Rob & FRENCH, Greg

Trout in North-Western Tasmania from the Introduction Until 1977 GILMOUR, Don

Trout Magic TRAVER, Robert

Trout Quest SCHOLES, David

Trout Streams and Salmon Rivers - Their Management and Improvement PLATTS, W. Carter

Trout'n About - A Victorian Flyfisher WEIGALL, Philip

True Thomas WOOD, Thomas

True Treatise on the Art of Fly-Fishing, Trolling Etc.,as Practised on the Dove, and on the Principal Streams of the Midland Counties; Applicable to Every Trout and Grayling River in the Empire. SHIPLEY, William

Tuckonie on Tour BINGHAM, Lorna

Tunneling Under The Hudson River BURR, S.D.V. A.M.

Turnpikes and Toll-Bars - Two Volumes SEARLE, Mark

Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia, during the years 1828, 1829, 1830, and 1831: STURT, Capt. Charles

Two Faces of Judo GOODGER, J.M. & B.C.,

Typenkatalog der Munzen der bayerischen Herzoge und Kurfusten 1506 -1805 HAHN, W.R.O.

UFO ...Contact from the Pleiades. A Preliminary Investigation Report STEVENS, Wendelle C.

Under the Hill and Other Essays in Prose and Verse BEARDSLEY, Aubrey

Uniforms of the British Army - A Selection SMITHERMAN, P.H.

Union S.T.A.P. - The Victorian Rail System Into the 21st Century

Unleaded Unfailing Unbeatable Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 Brooks, Randy

Uplands Pastures Bayley, William A

Urangeline - Voices of Carey 1923 - 1997 SMALL, Michael

V2 DORNBERGER, Major-General Walter

Van Diemen's Land Revealed - Flinders and Bass and Their Circumnavigation of the Island in the Colonial Sloop Norfolk 1798-1799 SPROD, Dan (Editor)

Velocette - A Development History of the MSS, VENOM, VIPER, Thruxton & Scrambler Models BURRIS, Rod

Velocette Motorcycles - MSS to Thruxton BURRIS, Rod

Veteran Motorcycles in Australia DUMBLE, David B.

Veterinary Aspects of Captive Birds of Prey COOPER, J. E. FRCVS

Vic Patrick - The Champ

Vichy - an Ever-Present Past CONAN, Eric & ROUSSO, Henry

Victoria Illustrated Gill, Samuel Thomas

Victoria Illustrated GILL, S.T.

Victoria's Upper Middle Class Volume 1 "Lauderdale"

Victoria: The "Registered" and "Too Late" Stamps 1854-58 - Report on a Major Breakthrough PURVES, J.R.W.

Victoria: The Postage Dues Background and Foreground. PURVES, J.R.W.

Victorian Family Robinson GRIMSHAW, Beatrice

Victorian Fly Water - A Fly Fisher's Guide to Victoria's Trout Streams and Lakes WEIGALL, Philip

Victorian Icon DUNSTAN, David

Victorian Railways, The Way it Was DAVIES, Rod, and CROSS, Frank.

Victorian Railways. Rules and Regulations for the Guidance of Employees in the Service of the Victorian Railways Commissioners

Vietnam - A Pictorial History of the Sixth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1966-1967 WILLIAMS, Captain Iain McLean

Views in Australia or New South Wales and Van Diemens Land Delineated LYCETT, J

Vincent - HRD CARRICK, Peter

Vincent H.R.D. Gallery HARPER, Roy

Vintage Motorcycles in Australia DUMBLE, David B.

Virgin Water BREWER, Leighton

Vitruvius and Later Roman Building Manuals PLOMMER, Hugh

Volunteers at Heart JOHNSON, D.H.

Voyage of H.M.S. 'Pandora' Despatched to Arrest the Mutineers of the 'Bounty' in the South Seas 1790-91 Being the Narratives of Captain Edward Edwards R.N. The Commander and George Hamilton the Surgeon with Introduction and Notes By Basil Thomson EDWARDS, Captain Edward, R.N.

Voyaging in Wild Seas - A Narrative of the Voyage of the 'Snark' in the Years 1907 - 1908 LONDON, Charmian Kittredge (Mrs Jack London)

Wade the River....Drift the Loch ROBERTSON, R. MacDonald (Compiled)

Walkabout Magazine

Walkabout Magazine

Walkabout Magazine

Walter's War - Letters of Walter James Mcpherson, 59th Battalion, A.I.F. During World War I 1914-1918 LAIDLER, Eunice

Wandering Sketches of People and Things in South America, Polynesia, California and Other Places Visited During a Cruise on Board of the U.S. Ships Levant, Portsmouth, and Savannah. WOOD, William Maxwell

Wanderings in a Wild Country; or Three Years Amongst The Cannibals of New Britain POWELL, Wilfred

Wasp Farm EVANS, Howard Ensign

Waterside Sketches - A Book for Wanderers and Anglers SENIOR, W. ("Red Spinner")

We'll Say Goodbye - Story of the 307th Bombardment Group (HV.)

Wellington BEATSON, Major-General F.C.

Wellington's Men - Some Soldier Autobiographies FITCHETT, W.H. B.A., LL.D.

Wellington's War, or 'Atty, the Long-Nosed Bugger That Licks the French' RATHBONE, Julian

Western Canada - Manitoba, Alberta, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and New Ontario - How To Get There - How To Select Lands - How To Make A Home.

Western Port - Pioneers and Preachers COLE, Valda

What's Wrong With Unionism? The True Case For Labor PACKER, J.T.

Whispering in the Wind Marshall, Alan

Whitcombe's Story Books - A Trans-Tasman Survey McLAREN, Ian F., with GRIFFITHS, George F.

White Eagle WAGGAMAN, Mary T.

White Wings - Volume II - Founding of the Provinces and Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships from 1840 to 1885 BRETT, Sir Henry, Kt

Why the Spinebill's Beak is Long MACK, Amy Eleanor

Wild Trout on a Fly GILMOUR, Don


Wildfish MORSE, Peter.

Will Shakespeare - An Invention in Four Acts DANE, Clemence

Wind on the Heath DOWNE, Phyllis

Winesburg, Ohio ANDERSON, Sherwood

Wings Above Billabong BRUCE, Mary Grant

Wings Above The Diamantina UPFIELD, ARTHUR

Wings Over Temora - The Story of No. 10 E.F.T.S. MASLIN, Ron

Winston Churchill "Ephesian"

With a Keen but Loving Eye BROWN, Bruce A.

With Allenby in Palestine BRERETON, Lt.-Col. F.S.

With Rimington PHILLIPPS, L. March

With The "Aurora" in the Antarctic 1911-1914 DAVIS, John King

With the Big Guns - An Australian Artilleryman in the Great War OATES, Lynette

Woggheeguy - Australian Aboriginal Legends STOW, Catherine ( K. Langloh Parker)


Work and Adventure in New Guinea 1877 to 1885 CHALMERS, James, and GILL, W. Wyatt

Working Dogs Lush, Deanna

Yates Gardening Guide 42nd Edition

Yates' Annual and Autumn Reminder, 1938

Yesterday's Tomorrows - The Powerhouse Museum and Its Precursors 1880-2005 DAVISON, Graeme, and WEBBER, Kimberley (Editors)

Young New Zealand - A History of the Early Contact of the Maori Race with the European, and of the Establishment of a National System of Education for Both Races. BUTCHERS, A.G.

Your Guide to Fishing the Upper Murray NICKLESS, Jeannie (Compiled) and SPRY, Mike (Edited)

Your Navy as a Fighting Machine JANE, Fred T.

Zane Grey in the South Seas MORHARDT, Aim

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